Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Sep 13 , 2022

The fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month is Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional Chinese festival. Our company held a series of activities to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.


During the Mid-Autumn Festival, People usually eat mooncakes which are made of flour, eggs, sugar. Mooncakes are not only a symbol of the Mid-Autumn Festival, but also very delicious. Our company also handed out moon cakes to employees.


In order to enhance employees' awareness of Mid-Autumn Festival, our company held a lot of traditional games, such as Bobing and Touhu.

Bobing originated in Xiamen City, Fujian Province and was invented by Zheng Chenggong. During the Ming Dynasty, Zheng led the soldiers to fight in Xiamen. In order to alleviate the homesickness of soldiers, he invented the Bobing.

Touhu is a kind of throwing game played by ancient Chinese scholars and officials during banquets, and it is also a kind of ritual. Touhu is to throw an arrow into the pot, and the one who hits the most is the winner.

·Have a Dinner Party

In the evening, our company also organized a dinner party, all employees gathered together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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